kol&mck4.0 suggestion

dotnet20   (08.07.15 12:16

1)pure pascal, get rid of asm code, asm code have a lot of bug
2)win32, win64 platform support
3)tiny and stable is more important than only small now.
4)full memory leaking check, full procedure and function test

QAZ   (11.07.15 20:43[1]

1){$define PAS_VERSION}

Thaddy ©   (25.07.15 10:48[2]

3. It is stable and tiny
4. FastMM

If you want to write test suites, please do ;)

Currently more important:
- Get MCK for WINCE working again properly (KOL works)
- remove *a lot* of redundant conditional defines
- Remove and improve current FPC defines. (Most of that is not necessary, redundant)
- Officially merge x86_64 version, although Vladimir already approved the original for download from the official website.
- Some windows 10 work to do